Our doctors and nurses offer the following services among others. If you require a service not listed on this page, please speak to your doctor.

Please call 9874 3344 to make an appointment. Alternatively,  you can click on the top right corner of this webpage to Book Online.
We use HotDoc as our provider for our appointment system. They have provided this statement after the ABC report disclosed that an online booking provider, HealthEngine, had been passing on patient details to third parties.
HotDoc has a strict policy around how it handles any patient data as summarised below:
  • HotDoc does not pass on any patient data to 3rd parties
  • HotDoc does not engage in 3rd party advertising
  • HotDoc strictly abides by its Company Promise found here

When booking your appointment, the receptionist will ask you to confirm your address and date of birth in addition to your name. We will also need to do this on other occasions such as when you request a repeat prescription or referral etc. The reason for this is to be sure we always have your correct record and there is no misidentification or mismatch.

In an effort to provide an efficient service, our receptionists will ask for your medicare card at every visit.

Standard appointment times are for 10-15 minutes.

For multiple smaller problems or a complicated issue longer appointments are available, but please let the receptionist know when making your appointment. The gap fee for this does not change ie: it is not more costly to you as a patient for a longer appointment once you receive your rebate from medicare.

Consultations for completing medical reports and travel vaccinations and information also require long appointments. Please note that consultations for medical reports and travel vaccinations may not be covered by Medicare.

Urgent medical problems will always be dealt with as a matter of priority. Our staff are experienced in helping you decide the most appropriate action for your needs. See our About Us page for details on after hours consultations.

Our general practice nurse, Merrilyn, specialises in asthma management. For your first appointment you will need to see her for approximately 45 minutes, then see your doctor for a standard appointment straight afterwards. Our receptionists will be able to assist you in coordinating these appointments. Subsequent visits may be shortened to only 30 minutes with the nurse and a standard appointment with the doctor. Asthma appointments can be made on Monday – Wednesday.
In cases where patients have an ongoing medical issue(s), our doctors may recommend the implementation of a Care Plan, to assist with monitoring symptoms and treatments, and achieving health care goals. This may also involve a Team Care Arrangement, particularly where there are several specialists or other providers involved in your care. The government provides specific funding in these cases which may entitle you to free physiotherapy or dental visits. Please ask your doctor for more information during your consultation.
For most women Australian authorities recommend cervical screening every five years, although in some situations a shorter period is recommended. We have a recall system in place which will send you a reminder letter when it is time for your next cervical screening, however responsibility does lie with the patient so you are advised keep your own records and not rely completely on our reminder system. If you have had the cervical screening elsewhere we would appreciate you letting our practice nurse know, so that we can maintain an up to date medical record for you.
All of our doctors are happy to do cervical screening, please let the receptionist know if you would prefer a female doctor. The results of cervical screening and HPV tests taken in this clinic are routinely forwarded to the National Cervical Screening Registry – please speak to your doctor if you have any problems with this policy.
All of our doctors are available for confidential counselling. Please ensure you ask the receptionist for a long appointment when booking in.
All of our general practice nurses participate in diabetes management. Most appointments with the nurse will need to be 30 minutes long, and booked on a day when your own doctor is consulting if possible. Ensure you tell the receptionist that this is a diabetes visit when booking in.
Bsc (Nutr), MNutrDiet, APD, AN

Dietitian & Diabetes Educator

Russell Nassim

Bsc (Nutr), MNutrDiet, APD, AN
Russell is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist and Accredited Sports Dietitian with more than 7 years experience. Russell completed a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics at Flinders University, South Australia in 2009 and has worked in a number of diverse fields of nutrition including acute hospital, aged care, corporate nutrition and private practice. He has also completed a course in Sports Nutrition through the AIS in Canberra and has worked with both AFL club (North Melbourne Football Club) and VFL club (Coburg Lions).

Russell is a member of many professional associations including the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA), Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA), Diabetes Victoria and Coeliac Australia allowing proficiency in many different fields of nutrition. He has also recent completed a post graduate qualification in Diabetes Education and Health Care through Mayfield Education to further enhance his skills in the area of diabetes management.

Russell’s motto is “anybody can achieve significant change and maintain a healthy lifestyle through attainable goals which have been adapted to their individual lifestyle”.

Family planning services are provided by all of our doctors. In addition, several of our doctors are registered to provide shared care throughout your pregnancy with various local hospitals.

Home visits are available for patients on our register who are unable to come to the clinic. We appreciate it if these are arranged as early in the day as possible, to ensure a doctor will be able to see you. Please note that we are only able to provide visits locally, within the area bordered by Springvale road, Whitehorse road, Burwood Hwy, Dandenong Creek and Heatherdale Road.

Our doctors also regularly visit patients in hostels and nursing homes in the area. For more information please call the clinic.

Dr. Betty Korda
Dr Elizabeth (Betty) Korda
Betty is a General Practitioner who has specialised in laser acupuncture for the last 20 years. Laser Acupuncture is a modern way of treating conditions using the traditional methods of Chinese acupuncture, but without the needles, suitable for all ages.
It is the pain free way of treating many conditions such as musculoskeletal pains including arthritis, hayfever, menstrual pain, headaches, migraines, anxiety, eczema and more.
Laser acupuncture can be used as alternative management for these conditions or as an adjunct to existing treatment.
Please phone reception to make an appointment.
Liquid nitrogen is often used to “freeze” off sunspots and warts – please ask your doctor if you have any concerns.
All of our doctors are able to do general medical checks for employment or other purposes. It is preferable for you to make these appointments with your usual doctor, since they will be the most familiar with your history. Please let the receptionist know you would like a medical when making your appointment so that a longer time can be allocated to you.
We are able to perform minor surgical operations here at the clinic, such as suturing, removing moles, skin cancers etc. Please let the receptionist know when making your appointment, as you will generally need an extended appointment time and we will also need to book the treatment room for you.
An out of pocket fee applies to these procedures for all patients. Please discuss this with your doctor at the time of consultation.
Melbourne Pathology has a collection centre here at the clinic which can be contacted on 9872 5976. Their opening hours are 8:00am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday and 8:30 – 11:00am on Saturdays. On Sundays and public holidays the Vermont branch is closed.
For centres with more extended opening hours check on the back of your referral form at the list of collection centres to find one that will suit you.
Our busiest time is from 8:30am to 11 am. Waiting times are less should you call after those hours. Our doctors will be busy attending to their patients and their preference would be for you to make an appointment to address any issues. However, our GPs will take and return phone calls where appropriate. Please tell the receptionist if the matter is urgent and leave your best available contact number with a short message with our receptionist to help your GP prioritise your return call.
Our doctors will take or return phone calls from patients when appropriate. Please tell the receptionist if the matter is urgent.

BPhysio, APAM

Jamin Smalley

Jamin is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APAM) and is registered with the Australian Physiotherapy Board.

Jamin is a compassionate, friendly, caring person who is dedicated to achieving the highest standard of care, to ensure the best possible outcome for his patients. He employs a predominantly hands on treatment approach which involved soft tissue massage, mobilisation, manipulation, ultrasound, postural advice and exercises to encourage and maintain full rehabilitation.

Jamin has extensive experience in both New Zealand and Australia, working within multiple private practice settings, sports teams, gyms, community health settings, a medical centre and a day activity service for people with disabilities. His experience enables him to work with people of any age and assists him to effectively treat all musculoskeletal conditions. His treatment specialities include sports physiotherapy and providing pain relief for muscular, joint, arthritic and spinal conditions.

MChiroSc, MPhysio, APAM

Suki Fok

Suki completed her Master of Chiropractic degree in 2008 at RMIT university and worked in both Canberra and Hong Kong before returning to Melbourne to complete her Master of Physiotherapy at Latrobe University. Suki feels her unique combination of chiropractic and physiotherapy expertise allows her to treat each patient in a very holistic manner.

Suki uses a ‘hands on’ approach in her treatment sessions and she is also able to use dry needling techniques if required.

In her spare time she enjoys being a foodie and bean hunter and has an aim to try every possible new cuisine.

Suki speaks fluent Cantonese and Mandarin.

Natasha Mikaelian

Natasha is the principal Podiatrist of Vermont Health Care Podiatry which she recently established after completing an Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy in 1996 at RMIT and a Bachelor of Podiatry at Latrobe University in Melbourne in 2001.

Her main area of clinical focus is on wellness care. This involves a deeper understanding of foot health for early detection of foot problems.

Through continued education over a span of 20 years in clinic, she has earned a comprehensive skill set comprising of sound nail and cutaneous care, Diabetic and peripheral vascular disease management, musculoskeletal injury management, gait retraining, dry needling of trigger points, rock taping, prolotherapy, laser treatment of fungal nails, prescription orthotics and recommendation of medical shoes to facilitate the process of healing and wellness. Drawing on her Myotherapy skills, Natasha is able to provide a holistic approach to musckuloskeletal care, providing a broader scope of assessment and understanding of biomechanics of the body as a whole.

Long established relationships with general practitioners in the local area has led to her being approached by some GP clinics to provide podiatry services alongside their practices.

In regards to community, over the years, Natasha has provided complimentary in-store assessments at Athletes Foot Forest Hill, volunteering at the Black Saturday bushfires and a numerous amount of times at the Oxfam Walk. She been a guest speaker to students at La Trobe University and Camberwell Girls Grammar School, and provided numerous donations to local primary schools, dance schools and sporting clubs all in the interest of promoting good foot health.

With a collective 20 years of clinical experience Natasha is committed to continue to provide patients with a comprehensive and evolving standard of care for their overall wellness.

In her spare time, Natasha enjoys spending time with her family, painting and watching French films.

Dr. Amanda Cordeiro

Amanda graduated with a postgraduate Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from the University of Western Australia. Amanda’s studies included research in Morton’s Neuroma with patients exhibiting variations in metatarsal length. She is committed to all aspects of Podiatric care, having been exposed to both private and public work sectors as well as rural regions of Western Australia. She is able to provide a broad scope of care including diabetic foot assessment and review, general foot care, musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, biomechanics and orthotics prescription.

Amanda has volunteered at the Oxfam Trail walk in order to manage a variety of foot conditions including blisters and foot strains. She is a registered practitioner with AHPRA and values the importance of continuing professional development in order to maintain a comprehensive and high standard of Podiatric care to patients.

We stock pregnancy tests here at the clinic – please ask the doctor during your consultation. You will need to buy the test from us, which will usually cost $8.70.

Repeat prescriptions may be obtained without a consultation by patients who have seen the doctor within 6 months. Due to the time it takes a doctor to check and update your patient file and write the prescription, there will be a $15 fee for this service since only face-to-face consultations are currently covered by Medicare. However, if you call within three days of your last appointment, the doctor will write your script without a charge.
Dr. Sarah Adey
Sarah is a Clinical Psychologist who studied at Melbourne University and has a personal interest in PTSD, Post Natal depression and other Mood and Anxiety disorders. She has spent 20 years in private practice both in Melbourne and Gippsland. In her spare time Sarah loves taking photos and is a keen gardener. 

This practice operates a computer based recall system for sending reminders for follow up in some situations.

This does not cover all or even most situations where your doctor has advised review but is used to aid follow up for some common checks such as cervical screenings, and some pathology results and examination reviews.

Therefore, please note that although every effort is made to send reminder letters, it is your responsibility to return for follow-up, check-ups and all test results. If you do not wish to be a part of this system, please advise your doctor. However, please remember that these activities are designed to enhance the ability of your doctor to provide the highest quality of care to you.

Obtaining results

Patients are required to return for an appointment to discuss test results unless by prior arrangement with the doctor who ordered the test.

A common misbelief is that the results are normal and nothing further needs to be done if you are not called up. This is not the case. Even if the results are normal, your GP may want to discuss other options with you. We at Vermont Health Care strive to provide the best medical care possible, hence we appreciate your effort in making a follow up appointment to discuss your results.

In accordance with the privacy legislation we are unable to give results to anyone but the patient who had the test. In most cases this includes children of 15 years of age and over who are able to understand the nature of the test and the implications of a result. A patient may, however, provide written authorization for another person to receive results on their behalf. Over the telephone it may not be possible to know if the caller is the patient and in general it is advised that patients return for receipt and discussion of results.

Where necessary, our doctors will provide referrals to a wide range of specialist and other services. Patients are advised to make an appointment to discuss the issue with their GP, who can then make an assessment of the most appropriate referral. While our doctors may occasionally provide a referral without a consultation, this will generally be only to a specialist the patient has seen previously and where the problem has already been assessed here at the clinic.
Please note that there is also a $20 fee for referrals that are written without a consultation.
Expecting mothers are encouraged to make a shared care appointment to arrange an obstetrician. Doctors currently doing shared care are Dr Wayne Piez and Dr Kelly Tulloch. Shared care appointments will need to be for 30 minutes, so please let the receptionist know when booking in.
Lung function tests which can be performed by one of our practice nurses. You will need to make a 30 minute spirometry appointment, and the receptionist will give you an instruction sheet. This can be posted out to you if you make the appointment over the phone.
Spirometry appointments will be bulk billed if you have a healthcare or pension card. If you do not have one of these cards then the first visit will be $20 to cover the cost of the mouthpiece. Provided you bring the mouthpiece back for subsequent visits you will then be bulk billed. Veterans will always be bulk billed for this service.
Sports medicine services are available with all doctors in the clinic. Please let the receptionist know when calling if your problem is urgent. In some cases, we may need to refer you for medical imaging or specialist physiotherapy services. Your doctor will be happy to discuss any issues with you during the consultation.
Dr Terence Heng offers chiropractic care from both Vermont Health Care and Nunawading Clinic. You will be able to claim a portion of the fee if covered by your private health insurance policy.
Our nurses provide vaccinations for children with the childhood immunisation program. Please call the clinic to make an appointment with the nurse.
For travel vaccinations you will need an appointment with your doctor to discuss the locations you plan to visit and which vaccinations you will need. Please let the receptionist know when you book in as you may need a longer appointment.